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We offer you trendy and reliable custom Tailoring product as you want.

Why TopTen Fabrics & Tailors

Passion for the fashion

Our main driving force is to serve the fashion world from the manufacturing perspective which has led us to build our production units, organize our teams and inspire the workforce.

Handling complex supply chain issues smoothly

Our experienced and knowledgeable team has been able to overcome the challenges in the uncertain supply chain of Bangladesh with better planning and proactive actions.

Unique craftsmanship

TopTen is known for its original and unique styles and products. Our Production management team, technical personnel, and the fabrics are well experienced in handling styles with the critical craftsmanship, washing and styling details

Fashionable and trendy

From fabric selection to final sample making we are producing the most aesthetic and trendy final product. TopTen has a consistent record of overcoming manufacturing challenges and on time delivery..

Transparency and commitment towards customers

Keeping the mindset of “Customer is King”, we have always satisfied our customers by adhering to our commitments. We also keep our concerned customers updated to maintain transparency on a regular basis

Consistency in performance

TopTen is keeping up with the practice of consistently doing the right thing at the right time..

Sustainable production

TopTen is working alongside with the global campaign of sustainable production and with increased use of sustainable cotton, recycled fiber in the product and by setting up environment-friendly units

Process Automation

As an innovative organization, TopTen has already taken “Industry 4.0” as part of its business strategy. Our processes are automated by using sophisticated pieces of machinery and business automation software’s to improve our customer responsiveness...

Words About TopTen Fabrics & Tailoring

Brand Name in the Fabrics and Tailors industry of Bangladesh.

Top Ten Fabrics and Tailors a trusted name in the fashion world of Bangladesh specially expert in gents fabrics and custom made tailors.

If a perfect customized tailoring experience with exceptional quality and attention to detail is what you have been deserving for, then Top Ten Fabrics and Tailors will astonish you. In the Fabrics and Tailoring industry in Bangladesh we have been doing business since 1992. The company is proud to give a different personalized experience to each customer to ensure a perfect fit, all at affordable prices. From the beginning we are doing business with fame and expertise. So, you don’t need to wonder elsewhere except Top Ten Fabrics and Tailors to modify your garment. Visit our outlets anytime for free consultations. Our most experience specialists are ready to advise you happily. Our motto is “Make you special”. Customer satisfaction, long term relation and faith are our goal. As Top Ten Fabrics and Tailors has 26 years long experience in fabrics and custom tailoring industry, it ensures customers satisfaction in the fit, comfort and appearance of their clothing perfectly.

With 19 outlets at the prominent places of Dhaka, Chittagong and Kishoreganj we have a strong setup in the fashion world of Bangladesh. We are marketing all types and world-renowned brand’s fabrics like Raymond, Arvind, Reid and Tailor, DONEAR, Linen Club, Soktas, CENTURY, OCM, MORARJEE, GEORGIA GULLINI, DORMEUIL, MARTINO, ROGER LA VIALE, SIYARAMS etc. along with excellent personalized tailors service.

Our tailor section takes individual, group and corporate order of Shirting, Suiting, Panting. Pun-jabi, Safari, Blazer, Kabli etc. We always try our best to make sure your ordered products hand over to you on due time or reach your door in the fastest possible time.

Top Ten Fabrics and Tailors has achieved the present status and become one of the most respected tailor firms in Bangladesh because of the collective efforts of all concerned.
We pride ourselves on-
Ø High quality: Our supplied products are world renowned and stitching is above all blame.
Ø Our large number of experts can pay attention to every customer.
Ø The best price for all renowned brand’s fabrics and tailoring service.

So, for all your desired fabrics and tailoring needs, come to Top Ten Fabrics and Tailors for the perfect fit of your own way.

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